Nicole Scherzinger
April 19, 2016
Navy Green Knitted Dress
April 15, 2016
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Modern Elegance

We decided to recreate the black and white classic look, so we upgraded it with black flare pants, a white mesh top and a black blazer. Of course, Martina added her personal touch to the outfit with her new Zara transparent stilettos and Vogue glasses, which were a gift from her fiancé. Yes, spoiler alert, Martina is engaged and it is terribly sad that the person, who notifies you of that news, has to be precisely me. Hope I didn’t ruin your day by letting you know that she is taken. Also, I am a very jealous human being, so she is primarily mine. Others just have to be considerate and contemplate their lives, while wishing they were as lucky as I am to have her around all the time.

We hope you like our recreated elegant and classy black and white outfit. If so, make sure to let us know.

Sending you kisses,



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