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July 4, 2016
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June 17, 2016
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Champagne Dessert

Hello fashionistas!

We’ve been absent for quite a while on our blog as well as on Instagram. The reason is Martina’s birthday! It was last Thursday and we were celebrating it four days straight. She said goodbye to her 20s and welcomed the 30s. That’s why we wanted to show you this dress. It is absolutely gorgeous and it is something every 20-year-old girl would wear. Of course, Martina rocked that dress no matter how old she is, because the age is really just a number. The most important thing is that you love your body and feel confident in what you wear. Only this way you can conquer the world.

We found the dress and the black purse in a store called LUNA. You have probably noticed on Instagram that Martina and I visited this store a couple of times recently. They do not have only beautiful clothes but an outstanding store too! You can check out their website right here and see their new collection for Spring / Summer 2016.

Sending you kisses,


Srečnice, ki živite v naši lepi deželi pa lahko njihovi trgovini najdete tukaj:

Pobreška cesta 18 TC “Europark”
Tel.: 02 331 31 50

Zelenkova ulica 1
Tel.: 02 771 13 08

Black Transparent Stilettos from Zara (similar ones here New Women Transparent Leather Stilettos, $21.62)


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