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My name is

I am someone who has been an adherent of fashion from an early age. I have always been highly interested in fashion trends and aesthetics. During my growth I have been trying to incorporate all the newest trends in my everyday outfits and was, at the same time, developing my sense of style. I remember dressing up in my mother's clothes as a little girl and feeling the impatience towards growing up and being able to wear high heels and make-up. Well, the waiting has certainly paid off because now I am able to not only express my style but to demonstrate my passion for fashion and share it with you through taking pictures and making collages. I am someone who thrives for perfection and has an eye for details because I think they matter the most.

My name is

If I had to describe myself with one adjective, I would probably say that I am very open-minded. I have to mention that I was very shy and quiet in my childhood because I am a person who tends to analyse and overthink everything, but my bashfulness is little by little turning into striving for self-consciousness. I would say I have a creative mind since I am very passionate about writing. I recall having been overjoyed when reading short poems and stories in my early years, not to forget the articles in fashion magazines I have been astonished by. I simply adore reading and pouring out my feelings and thoughts on paper. Although, as being seen, I also have a devotion to fashion and for this reason I immensely enjoy in writing for this blog.

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